The Calm…

Photos:  Parin Thalangdee | Author:  Jex Delos Santos

As we enter the next round of the first official season of Subie Challenge, there are a lot of unknowns.  A new track, more competition, and a brighter spotlight, including other factors that have been brewing since Round 1.

Setting up

Huey Nguyen appears to have fixed his overheating issues and is looking to move up the latter in Class S.2 while Eric Wright has shown no signs of registering.  C.J. Banton however will be looking to claim those points for the series that Eric has left unattended.

Huey Nguyen’s Forester and Justin (mechanic)
Eric Wright (left) and C.J. Banton (right)

Class S.2 doesn’t look to remain stagnant either as plenty of new challengers have registered.  Can Eric and C.J. get their cars ready in time to play…or will they be leaving the first and second positions open for Huey and one of the new contenders?  With three other drivers registered for S.2, there’s no telling what will happen in this modified set of cars.

Class S.3 doesn’t look like it will be a walk in the park either.  Curtis Gladden and Juan Valle look dedicated in fighting for first with lightly modified STi’s, but can they hold out against seasoned veteran and guest, Sally McNulty?

Juan Valle’s 2016 STi
Curtis Gladden’s 2018 STi
Sally McNulty, Driving a lightly modified 2017 STi

Class S.4 isn’t without it’s merits either as four challengers are registered; and are looking to break the mold to start the points off for the class in Round 2.

Data reception permitting, live timing updates will go underway March 18 at the end of the first session!  Stay tuned to see exciting new updates and opportunities.  Roaring engines will rival the thunder clouds as Subie Challenge Round 2 looks to echo the rumble of each new competitor.

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