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Round 1 – Setting the Tone

Photos:  Parin Thalangdee | Author:  Jex Delos Santos

The season opener and first official season for Subie Challenge kicked off 2018 at Autoclub Speedway with the high speed configuration, ROVAL (Road coarse and Oval).  The series opened up with six competitors in classes S.3 and S.2.

In S.3, the following contenders impressed with otherwise stock build configurations and times that prove you don’t need a whole lot to be fast:

  • Curtis Gladden
  • Juan Valles
  • John Massie

In S.2, these challengers sought to make use of their hard work that they’ve put into their cars:

  • Eric Wright
  • C.J. Banton
  • Huey Nguyen
Sponsored drivers’ cars: Curtis Gladden (Left) and C.J. Banton (Right)

For most of the drivers, this was their first time attending Autoclub, let alone running the ROVAL configuration.  But all competitors displayed that consistency is key in improving laptimes.  Not everyone was so lucky, however, with Huey Duey having to leave early due to technical troubles.

Huey Nguyen’s Forester
…and it didn’t go unnoticed.

Despite some of these troubles, the day continued with the rest of the competitors rekindling themselves with the track, or battling it out for first.  It didn’t help much that by mid-day constant tires to pavement from other drivers kept the track greasy, making an otherwise easy track frustratingly unpredictable resulting in fluctuating “best lap times per session” for each driver.  Juan Valles used various data gathering techniques to gauge where his most optimum settings should be for his car.

Juan Valles Sr. (left) and Jr. (right) installing required transponder for timing
Re-torquing wheel lugs are a must
Eric Wright pulls in after driving around the paddock to cool his brakes

Overall, these competitors set the tone for the overall series.  They put their best effort forward and battled for positioning in the overall round and series, gaining a head start over more drivers looking to join in for some all-wheel-drive time attack action.  As the series progresses, look forward to recaps of close battles and exemplary driving.  This is only the beginning…

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