Mid-Season Closer

Photos: Subie Challenge Associates | Author: Jex Delossantos

As we entered the last round before the series intermission. There were a good amount of unexpected surprises coming into this round; from sponsors to challengers.  It was a genuine pleasure to see some old and new faces come out.

Streets of Willow started in high spirits with the return of Huey and his 400+ HP forester.

Huey and Curtis return to Round 4 to collect some points!


Supporting Huey is Justin with his Outback, which we can only hope will someday see at the track!  But if not his, maybe someone else will step up to the plate.
Nick Tarantino competes for the first time in Subie Challenge, and also wins a raffled off set of Federal 595 RS-RR’s!

In addition to the returning challengers, we also had Aaron Bassham returning as he continues to impress with a very capable machine.

Aaron preps his car to lay down some rubber.

It was a pleasant surprise to also have new comers of sprite and fun growing challengers from Flat 4!  These guys really encapsulate what the Subaru community has been about, and we hope to see more of them out at these official events.

Flat 4 representing on top of the hill.


Flat 4 shows you don’t need much to tear it up and have fun at the track.


A family that tracks together, has fun together.

Although the day had some great upswings, Streets of Willow decided to rear its ugly head when our S.3 3rd place podium, Bryant Min, suffered defeat with a damaged wheel.

Fortunately with the support challengers get through The Challenge series, we’ll be able to help him replace this wheel at an awesome price!

The first half of the first official season of Subie Challenge has been truly remarkable.  To thank our challengers, we have exciting announcements regarding contingencies and prizes.  Be sure to follow us on instagram and facebook to stay notified.

To see the current results of Round 4 and the overall standings.  Click the following link:  http://subiechallenge.com/resultstop/


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