About The Series

The Subie Challenge Series is a grassroots time attack competition focusing on driver development with the goal of providing an accessible and affordable community for challengers to compete against themselves as well as others.  This series is built on the foundations set by the community of Subaru owners, where unity and competition push challengers to improve skills and techniques.  By partnering with a local high performance driving event (HPDE) organization, challengers gain access to closed road course circuits where they compete for the fastest times.  Additionally,  the performance parts marketplace is enhanced through the series by challengers who continually push technologies for performance and reliability.  The Subie Challenge aims to provide a place for Subaru enthusiasts to enjoy the rich heritage of their vehicles in a friendly, safe, and competitive environment.

2018 Complete Rules

What is Subie Challenge?

A short introduction to Subie Challenge and what its all about. Whether you've never been to a racetrack, or a seasoned track enthusiast, Subie Challenge is here for you. #subaru #subiechallenge #challengeseries

Posted by AWD Subie Challenge on Thursday, January 24, 2019
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